Theme Song Two

          I wrote the following as the lyrics to a theme song for Psi Morphs. Sadly, I don't have any means of putting music together to go with them. Even so, I hope these song lyrics get your creativity going, and improve your enjoyment of Psi Morphs.

An evil force as cold as steel
with metal hearts that cannot feel.
No love within coating their will
to march onward only to kill.

Built with stunning technology
that's so advanced, it seems to be
perfect and unable to fail.
Can resistance hope to prevail?

Only love
can give you the power to pull through.
Be sure to always keep your heart true.
Only one thing can give adequate strength to you.
Only love.
Don't let the forces of evil win.
Give it your all and never give in.
Rememebr what can give the strength to rise above.
Only love.

Let your courage shine all around
wherever dark shadows are found.
When the evil forces surround,
do not let your courage be drowned.

If they have five thousand forces,
the hooves of ten thousand horses
should be the sound of your heartbeat
as you don't give into defeat.


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