Theme Song One

          I wrote the following as the lyrics to a theme song for Psi Morphs. Sadly, I don't have any means of putting music together to go with them. Even so, I hope these song lyrics get your creativity going, and improve your enjoyment of Psi Morphs.

My muscles begin to strain,
causing me so much intense pain.
I roar. My attack is fierce.
I whimper. I have failed to pierce.
That alloy head's still aloft.
My will of steel now seems so soft.

The metal beast's strike cuts deep.
Fur is turned red by a slow seep.
Another strike from my foe
turns the seep into a fast flow.
My breath comes hard and I gasp,
which quickly becomes a weak rasp.

Shall I give up and leave? Nope!
Not while there is still hope.
Though victory seems absurd,
love will drive me onward.
People are counting on me.
For them I'll fight, not flee!

Those I love enter my mind.
Then so abruptly do I find,
Within me, strength is growing
even as my blood is flowing.
Though my head's started to spin,
It's not over! I can still win!

My claws dig into the ground
with the new might I have now found.
I feel my fangs grind and gnash
As straight into the fiend I crash.
My tail twitches as I know,
love's power has shattered my foe!


Thanks to medics, I'll be fine.
I know their courage shall entwine
with courage that is my own,
wrapping around every bone.
Alone, I can not succeed.
With teamwork, there is hope indeed!

This powerful foe I faced
was barely even a small taste
of the dangers on the way
not just once, but day after day.
Our odds of success are low.
No turning back! Onward we go!


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