Advice for Players

Use Teamwork
A team of Psi Morphs working together is more powerful than the sum of its parts. For example: one psi morph can focus on attacking the insectobots while another focuses on using supports, another focuses on using hindrances to disrupt the insectobots' plans, and another uses environments to supplement the roles of the other three. Work together to achieve victory and remember, RPGs center around group efforts to have fun, not competing with the other players. As you try to have fun, help the other players have fun, too.

Use Your Inner Strength Points
Your determination points, willpower points, persistence points, and survival points can turn failure into success. Make use of them.

Work with Your GM
There is a good chance that your GM has plans for the campaign. You might also have plans for your character. Talk with your GM so you can bring the plans together. For example: suppose you have decided to have your character live a double life with the help of either a human reserve body or an animal reserve body (or maybe even a triple life with the help of both.) Talk to your GM about this so that he or she can work things out so that you get chances to have your character live his or her alternate identity without it ruining the GMs plans and without ruining things for the other players. Make a team effort with the GM just like you make a team effort with the other players.

Consider Your Options
If it looks as though your character concept just won't work, take a moment to hink about how you could make it work. For example: suppose you want to play a character who specializes in infiltrating organizations that are rumored to be secretly working with the insectobots and finding out the truth. You see this spy as being be able to win the trust of the organization's employees using Mental: Social, hack into their computers using Mental: Intellect, break open an exit using Phsyical: Power, and then fleeing using Physical: Mobility. It might look as though this would be impossible since one of the four attributes would be the character's lowest attribute, but it just might work if you took the Jack of All Trades discipline. Another apparent problem is that such organizations would be very suspicious of a psi morph. That can be fixed with Reserve Body: Human. If you are planning to play a character like this, you should certainly also work with your GM as described above. If you consider your options, you might find a way to make your character concept work. If the concept still won't work, please email me and tell me what the unworkable character concept was so I can improve this game.

Be Willing to Make Some Sacrifices
Remember that the other players and the GM are all trying to have fun just like you are. Be willing to compromise, and don't ruin the game for the others just to increase your own fun.

Use the Animal Aspects of Your Character to make Things Fun The fact that psi morphs are part animal can be used in all sorts of creative ways. Here are just a few examples.
-A wolf psi morph uses sonic howls to destroy enemy robots, and uses beautiful howls to inspire comrades.
-A mongoose psi morph sends special psi atoms into the air at the start of battle. These psi atoms carry extra scent molecules to the mongoose's nose so that she can detect scents that tell her when a robot is about to attack so that she can dodge using her mongoose-like speed.
-A turtle uses psionics to mold pieces of his own shell into useful shapes. -A fish (or aquatic mammal) psi morph has both improved underwater operations and flight. She flies by using aquamagnetism to form a flying ball of water around herself. She infuses this water with psi to perform water and ice attacks.
-A lizard psi morph has many quick attack sciences and has the snap attack discipline, so he can make three attacks in one round. He uses three laser guns at one time, one in each hand, and one in his prehensile tail. Sure lizards don't have prehensile tails in real life, but hey, this isn't real life.
-A bird psi morph with personality as her primary attribute has wings with very soft feathers and the power to radiate pleasant warmth. She uses them to give friends extra nice hugs, and to keep a friend warm by cuddling that friend in her wings when it's cold.

Describe Some of Your Sciences in Vivid Detail
While it isn't necessary to describe every science you use, try to at least occasionally describe your sciences in vivid detail. For example, if you use Combat Cells II against a foe, you might decribe the cells coming together to form a huge tiger which pounces an insectobot while sprouting 4 additional tooth-filled mouths (one on each paw) to deliver a quintuple bite just before the tiger collapses into particles. There is perhaps no end to the vivid science descriptions you could come up with if you make the effort.

Describe Some of Your Miscellaneous Actions in Vivid Detail
Again it isn't necessary to vivid describe every miscellaneous action you take, but try to do so at least occasionally. For example, if your character is tyring to disarm a bomb, you might say that his eyes are wide and he is breathing heavily, but his well-trained fingers are moving rhythmically and are like an eye of calm in the storm of danger and emotion. Again, there is perhaps no end to the vivid descriptions you could come up with if you make the effort.

Give Your Characetr a Personality and a Backstory
By writing a backstory for your characetr and designing a personality for your character, you can make him or her more of a full-fledged sci-fi story protagonist. By roleplaying out the character's personality (and making use of the backstory,) you can be like an author as you play Psi Morphs.

Be Creative A roleplaying game is about playing a game, but it's also about being creative. If you make a strong effort, you just might discover new depths of your creativity. Go for it!

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