Why Is A Hug So Wrong?
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

When I am so sad I have to moan,
it gives me an urge to not be alone.
I feel that to make my sadness end,
I need the embrace of a caring friend.
When nothing else keeps sadness at bay,
I seek a friend to hug my sadness away.

It sounds easy and simple, but nope.
I do not receive that for which I hope.
All I want is a nice, warm embrace,
but instead of this, folks yell in my face.
I come to my friends seeking a hug,
then they make me feel trampled like a rug.

Why is the nice thing thing for which I long
now considered to be totally wrong?
My friends think they're doing the right thing,
so why can they not see the pain they bring?
Why is it now more correct to yell?
Try as I may, I simply can not tell.

Is it possible the fault lies with I?
Could it be my fault for being so shy?
Could I at last in a friend's arms bask
if I would stop being silent and ask?
Could my shyness be the reason why
my friends keep making me so want to cry?

I feel like I want to throw a fit,
but am I being a big hypocrite?
I say friends who don't hug are no fun,
but when is the last time I offered one?
For a hug I am too shy to ask,
but offering one is also a tough task.

I hope it won't be long 'til I've changed,
and around a friend my arms are arranged.
I also hope my friends will soon see
how I want their arms gently around me.
How I look forward to being dug
into a friend's warm, gentle, caring hug.

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV