Strong Winds
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

Between a hurricane and a breeze,
if you ask most folks which is more strong,
They'd say, 'A hurricane wins with ease,'
but I know that those folks are all wrong.

A hurricane may batter and destroy.
To stand against it, I would not dare.
It can toss a house like a mere toy,
but breeze is the stronger force of air.

You might think I am stupid to say
breeze is stronger than a hurricane.
A hurricane can carry towns away,
but you will see if you use your brain.

A breeze carries nice sounds to my ears.
A hurricane just carries a roar.
A calming breeze lifts away my fears.
A hurricane just makes my fears more.

A breeze delivers to me sweet scents.
More than a hurricane ever would.
It then raises my happiness hence.
More than a hurricane ever could.

A soothing breeze removes my sorrow.
No hurricane has that kind of strength.
If you don't understand tomorrow,
I just know you'll understand at length.

Hurricanes could blow away my form,
but pleasant breezes can blow my mind.
Not even in the very worst storm
is such power something you will find.

So if an answer is what you need,
I'll answer you. Most surely, I will.
A hurricane's power is great indeed,
but a simple breeze is stronger still.

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV