Second Adventure

          Remember: the players should now have 11 hp each as a reward for their successful completion of the previous adventure. If they succeed at this one too, they will be up to 12 hp.
          Once again, Ramora appears before the players. "Greetings once again, Guardians. I need your help to deal with a major emergency!"
          A single tormentor managed to slip past us and enter Earth. I'm afraid..." She trembles with grief, unable to continue. At last, she continues speaking. "I'm afraid this tormentor has already eaten the imaginations of a large group of children.
          Her eyes now have a look of desperation and pleading in them. "There is still a thin thread of hope. The tormentor has not yet had time to digest the imaginations. Moreover, to return to Relanon in his new, more powerful form, he must once again spend time in a nightmare realm while a portal forms. If you defeat him quickly, you might be able to recover the imaginations of those poor, suffering children and stop him from gaining the ultimate power he will gain once the imagiantions are digested. I beg of you all, please give it everything you have!"
          As before, she holds her hands forth, and white light washes pver all of you. She then says the same word she said last time. "Imaginization!"
          This nightmare realm is formed from the nightmare of a person who is dreaming that she is drowning. The players will find themselves under water, and will need to imagine up ways to survive and maneuver under water. Encourage them to be creative.
          There is only one tormentor this time, but he is huge! To find his hp, take the number of players and multiply it by 2. This tormentor's attacks take away 2 hp instead of only 1.
          Because there is only one tormentor, the players will gain a major advantage if they can figure out which attack type is his lowest and then everyone focuses on that type of attack. Either choose how the four attack types are ranked for this tormentor, or use the chart below.

Huge Tormentor
Primary: Clever
Secondary: Dazzling
Tertiary: Large-Scale
Lowest: Vivid

          As the players fight the tormentor, they can hear the miserable crying and wailing of the children whose imaginations he has stolen. Those poor children need their imaginations back!
          If the players triumph, the imaginations fly back to the children while the tormentor is banished back to Relanon weaker than ever. After that, all that's left to do is imagien something that will help the person having the nightmare overcome her fear of drowning, then imagine a pleasant dream to replace the nightmare. The players will then return to Earth and receive heartfelt thanks from Ramora.

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