First Adventure

          A female benefactor appears in front of the players and delivers the following message. “Greetings. I am Ramora, and I need your help.
          “I am a benefactor from the world known as Relanon. We benefactors have long struggled against our dark foes, the tormentors. Now, the tormentors may have found a way to claim victory with your world paying the price. You see, Relanon and all of us who inhabit it are made of imagination. The tormentors are now seeking to increase their power by traveling here to your world and devouring the imaginations of you humans. If they succeed, many in your world will be robbed of their imaginations. They will literally become unable to imagine anything. Then the more powerful tormentors will return to conquer Relanon. Both of our peoples will suffer tremendously.
          “There is something you can do to help. You see, the tormentors cannot travel from Relanon to Earth in a single move. First, they must travel partway to Earth, form a pocket world called a nightmare realm, and spend some time in that realm forming a portal to travel the rest of the way to Earth. I can give all of you the power to sense the formation of nightmare realms, and travel into them while taking on a temporary body made of imagination. It will then be up to each of you to defeat the tormentors and banish them back to Relanon before they can fully enter your world.
          “The trick to defeating dark beings made of imagination is forcing them into imagining they are being hurt. The strength of your imaginary attacks is determined by how well you imagine them. A well imagined pocket knife is more powerful than a poorly imagined nuclear missile. Just remember: while you are in the nightmare realm, you too will be made of imagination and will have the same vulnerabilities. The tormentors will use vivid, clever, large-scale, and dazzling attacks against you as well, so give it your all! Good luck!”
          With that, she holds her hands forth, and sends a beautiful white light to cover you all. As the light washes over you, Ramora speaks a single word. "Imaginization!" With that, the light intensifies, and seems to become a solid mass that fills the vision of the players. As the light clears, they find themselves in a nightmare realm formed from the nightmare of a boy who is afraid of earthquakes, and is dreaming about an earthquake. The players arrive in a cave that is falling apart due to an earthquake! Hiding within those falling rocks are tormentors who are essentially little clouds of darkness with faces consisting of red eyes and mouths. Before the tormentors will reveal themselves, the players much imagine up ways to survive the collapsing cave ceiling. Encourage them to be creative about it.
          The number and strength of the tormentors depends on the number of players (remember that the GM doesn't count as a player.) If there is only one player, then there are 2 tormentors with 1 hit point each. If there are 2 players, then there are 3 tormentors with 2 hit points each. If there are 3 or more players, then there are 4 tormentors with each one having as many hit points as the number of players minus 1. Remember to decide on each tormentor's primary, secondary, tetiary, and lowest attack type ahead of time. You may also use the following.

Tormentor 1
Primary: Large-Scale
Secondary: Dazzling
Tertiary: Vivid
Lowest: Clever

Tormentor 2
Primary: Vivid
Secondary: Clever
Tertiary: Large-Scale
Lowest: Dazzling

Tormentor 3
Primary: Dazzling
Secondary: Vivid
Tertiary: Clever
Lowest: Large-Scale

Tormentor 4
Primary: Clever
Secondary: Large-Scale
Tertiary: Dazzling
Lowest: Vivid

          If the players defeat the tormentors, the cave roof will split open, and it will look as though the very sky is being split open by the earthquake to send forth a shower of meteors! Ramora appears again, and explains that the players must imagine something to help the dreamer overcome his fear of earthquakes. Afterward, they must imagine a pleasant dream to replace the nightmare.
          With the adventure concluded, the players are sent back to Earth and are changed back to normal. Ramora congratulates them, and gives them some advice. “See life experiences as opportunities to improve your imaginations. If you go river rafting, then when the experience is over, use the memories of the fast movement to imagine being super fast. If you go fishing and use the fishing pole as an extendable arm to catch the fish, use the experience to clearly imagine being able to stretch your arms to punch a distant foe or rescue a distant comrade. If you spend time baking bread and are surrounded by the strong scent of the baking bread and the other scents of the kitchen, use the experience to help you imagine having an excellent, even animal-like sense of smell with which you can track down tormentors in the nightmare realms. If you babysit some small children who are physically smaller and weaker than you, use the experience to imagine being a mighty yet gentle giant. When you exercise and become sronger and faster, let this help you imagine being super strong and super fast. Strengthen your imaginations and use them to defend your world and mine, Guardians of Imagination!”

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