Within the strange and mysterious world of Relanon, there has been a constant war between the shining beings known as the benefactors, and the dark beings known as the tormentors. The war has lasted so long, nobody knows when it began. This war seems as though it will forever plague Relanon, a world made of imagination.
          Yet now, it appears that the tormentors may have finally found a way to gain the upper hand once and for all. They have discovered another world that is not made of imagination, but is inhabited by people who have imaginations. The tormentors have begun seeking a way to travel to Earth so that they may increase their power by devouring the imaginations of humans. In the abyss of their greed and desire for domination, the tormentors are willing to deprive humans of the precious gift of imagination to achieve their own ends.
          Fortunately, the tormentors cannot travel from Relanon to Earth in a single move. First, they must travel partway to Earth, create a pocket world known as a nightmare realm, and spend time creating a portal within that realm that can take them the rest of the way to Earth. A small number of benefactors have beaten the tormentors to Earth, and given some selected humans a special gift so that they may stand against the darkness seeking to intrude upon their world. These chosen champions are able to enter nightmare realms in the form of special bodies they have constructed from their own imaginations. They may then use their imaginations to battle the tormentors in an effort to banish the dark beings back to Relanon and keep the people of Earth free to be creative and imaginative. These chosen champions are the Guardians of Imagination.

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