About Roleplaying games

          Roleplaying games (or RPGs for short) combine playing a game (including dice) with using your imagination and being part of a story. The core of RPGs is that a Game Master (or GM) describes the scene to the players (who are each playing a character,) the players describe the actions their characters attempt, and the GM determines the results of those actions (and often has the players role dice to help determine the results.) In this way, a story is created through a joint effort between the GM and the players. Usually, the story will be an epic one that will take place over the course of many games (this is known as a campaign.)
          The GM controls all of the characters except those who are being played by the players. Characters controlled by the players are known as Player Characters (or PCs.) The characters controlled by the GM are known as non-Player Characters (or NPCs.) The GM also controls the weather, the events of the world, and everything else that the players do not control. In fact, the GM can even change the rules as he or she sees fit. You can think of the GM as a referee, head story teller, and overall leader of the game.
          The position of GM is one which is easy to abuse. It is important to remember that the GM's main job is to help the players have fun. It is also important to remember that the GM is not supposed to try to beat the players, but rather is supposed to provide them with good challenges. If you are the GM, be very careful not to let a sense of power go to your head.
          If you are a player, bear in mind that the GM and the other players all want to have fun just as much as you do. RPGs center on group efforts to have fun rather than competing with the other players. Work together with the GM and the other players to keep the game fun for all.
          To play Guardians of Imagination, you will need at least one ten-sided die. This is known as a d10, and can be found in most stores where roleplaying games are sold.
          Here's an example of what a short scene from a game of Guardians of Imagination might look like.

Kevin (GM): "As the light washes over you both, the benefactor says a single word, 'Imaginization!' With that, the light brightens, and you both find yourselves in the nightmare realm. This one was formed from the nightmare of a person dreaming about a dark and spooky forest. There are numerous dead trees all around. Some of them have branches with parts that resemble claws, fangs, or weapons. The entire dead forest looks ready to attack at any moment. A full moon provides light to see by, though some people in this situation might wish they couldn't see right now! As the nightmare realm comes into view, you find yourselves in your imaginary forms."
Lisa (PlayerA): "I'm looking bright in my medieval knight form with shining magical sword, shield, and armor! I'm ready to stand against the darkness!"
Mike (PlayerB): "I'm looking strong in my cyborg werewolf form! I'm also looking a bit bright as the light from Lisa's equipment glints off the metal of my cybernetics. My tail wags a bit in anticipation of action!"
A short time later...
Kevin: "As you enter the clearing, you spot a tormentor. The vile being is a large cloud of darkness. To describe him another way, he's like a ball of non-transparent dark smoke 10 feet in diameter that writhes and pulsates unevenly all over. Two evil red eyes and an equal evil red mouth decorate this dark being. He's grinning in anticipation of tearing you two apart, though he's making the mistake of savoring the moment, so you two can attack first. Lisa, we'll start with you."
Lisa: "I'll attempt a large-scale attack." Rolls a d10. "I rolled a 7."
Kevin: "You strike true! The tormentor loses a hit point."
Lisa: "Alright! I thrust my sword toward him while he is still too far away to hit. As I do so, the blade detaches and split into dozens of elongated needles which fly forward to turn the fiend into a dark pincushion!"
Kevin: "Your turn, Mike."
Mike: "I'll attempt a clever attack." Rolls a d10. "I rolled an 8."
Kevin: "Another hit! Another hit point lost by the tormentor."
Mike: "Yes! I guess he was thrown off by my launching a cyber-claw at him that was slow enough to dodge, only to have miniature retro-rockets in the claw send it spinning back toward him while buzzsaw blades pop out!"
Kevin: "So far so good, but now the tormentor is angry! He attempts a vivid attack against Mike." Rolls a d10. "Two flame jets shoot forward, one from each of the tormentor's eyes. Flames vaguely resembling teeth flicker at the edges of the jets. The blazes close in on you like a fire mouth. The tormentor plays up on your fur to make the burning seem more real, and even plays up on a time you worked out and 'felt the burn' to make it feel as though you are being burned from within as well as without. You lose a hit point."
Mike: "Ouch! I howl in pain, but I follow it with a howl of determination as I prepare to rally and take this tormentor down!"

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