You Can Ask God For Help
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

If fom sin you try to refrain,
God can make your work not in vain.

If knowing God is for what you strive,
God can make this great hope come alive.

To receive help is not a tough task.
God is listening, so pray and ask.

Apply what you have read and heard
when you studied the Good Lord's Word.

When you are praying, faith is a must.
Pray with your heart, and give God your trust.

If immediate help is not sent,
do not give up. You must be patient.

As you try not to sin,
ask God to help you win.

When you feel evil creeping in,
ask God to help you resist sin.

When you try to do a good deed,
God can provide the help you need.

Keep trying to do what you should,
and ask God to help you do good.

Needing encouragement?
Time to have a prayer sent.

Worried you'll be tempted?
Ask for help preempted.

When courage is what you need,
believe God can help indeed.

When you need resolve inside,
have faith that God can provide.

No matter where you are,
God will never be far.

Each place you travel to,
God will be close to you.

When you feel the need to cry,
the Good Lord will be close by.

Even on the toughest day,
help is just a prayer away.

When you feel like a helpless whelp,
you can always ask God for help.

And remember, to avoid shame,
always pray in Jesus Christ's name.

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV