The Sacrifice Of Jesus Christ
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

To our world the great Savior Christ was sent
to meet our purity's requirement.
Though it would cause Him so much immense pain,
He knew that His work would not be in vain.

Yes, through Jesus Christ's selflessly shed blood
forgiveness has washed forth like a great flood.
Through His own pain and torture He did win
a chance for people to be forgiven.

By His Father's righteous will, He was served
the pain and injury we all deserved.
He did not deserve the pain He received.
For those He loves was His immense pain weaved.

Upon the dirty ground His blood did fall
so that His chosen would receive a call.
Christ and His Father let the nails be thrust
so that His chosen would become more than dust.

Yes, on that eternally blessed day
our Saviour Jesus Christ did pave the way
for light to travel down the shining road
from His Father's magnificent abode.

I hope that to Jesus you will confess
the sins which have made our souls such a mess.
I hope you turn from sin as you turn to
Christ as Lord and Savior to be made new.

Please choose His offer and be born again.
Please let Jesus Christ save you from your sin.
These words about Jesus I hereby say
hoping we will all be with Him someday.

Oh I dearly hope that when this life ends,
through Christ we may become eternal friends.
If in God's kingdom, all of you I see,
then Heaven indeed it shall truly be!

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV