The Puzzle of My Life
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

Oh I had thought the puzzle of my life was complete.
I had thought that I was whole from my head to my feet.
Yet, I was so very wrong. Yes, I was unaware,
some pieces were missing that so needed to be there.
There was a hole in the puzzle that I couldn't see.
I would have fallen through that hole into misery,
but before that could happen, before it was too late,
Jesus came along and saved me from that awful fate.
He gave to me some new puzzle pieces as a gift
which have allowed me to at long last seal that dark rift.
Yet, these puzzle pieces have also done so much more,
including make Him a friend whom I truly adore.
One puzzle piece which helped me avoid this tragic loss
is one with a shape that is just like that of a cross.

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV