It's Not Too Late
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

You may have sinned for many years,
but God has the answer to your fears.
Turn from sin and trust that the price
was paid through Jesus' sacrifice.

Your pile of sins may seem so tall,
but God can and will forgive them all.
Your redemption can still occur.
Turn to Christ as Savior and Master.

As Jesus was there on the cross,
a dying sinner dodged a great loss.
What he did right there did suffice
for Jesus to open Paradise.

That's just one of the many times
Jesus Christ forgave numerous crimes.
Your number of sins may be great,
but he can still love you, and not hate.

I know that because you still live,
it's not too late for God to forgive.
It is not too late to repent.
Believe that to you, God's call is sent.

No matter how grim things have seemed,
through Jesus Christ you may be redeemed.
You still live, so it's not too late.
It's not too late, but please do not wait.

You don't know what's around the bend.
You do not know when your life will end.
It could suddenly be too late,
so please please please please please please don't wait.

You still live, so it's not too late.
Condemnation is still not your fate.
God has not closed His Kingdom's gate.
Pleased be saved while it's still not too late.

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV