Fruit of the Spirit
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

A beautiful tree or a long green vine
may yield tasty fruit that seems so very fine,
but this fruit is nothing when it's compared
to the fruit that God's Holy Spirit has bared.

We can not bare good fruit if we're alone.
If we we were to try, we would all fail and moan.
Not a one of us can bare good fruit alone.
To succeed, we need seeds God's Spirit has sown.

The Holy Spirit can fill you with joy
that sickness and poverty will not destroy.
Persecution will not stop joy so true
if God's Holy Spirit keeps joy within you.

Love for God above with all that you are,
if the Spirit gives you this, you will go far.
To love others, we should go to great length
while being thankful God's Spirit gives us strength.

Though some people will say our faith is wrong,
gifts of the Holy Spirit can keep us strong.
Though people may hurt us, we must not cease
to rely on God's Spirit to give us peace.

Though help does not always come right away,
and we may hurt and suffer day after day,
we must stay patient. Patient we must stay.
Our fruit must include much patience as we pray.

We must show kindess to many others,
treating them like our sisters and brothers.
Not to earn ourselves an approving nod,
but in order to bring glory to our God.

Indeed the Spirit has many a role
including the granter of self-control.
This may bring us more pain than we can tell,
but have faith that someday, things will turn out well.

God's faithfullness to us is never slim.
May His Spirit make us so faithful to Him.
Even when the winds of pain come blowing,
may we be faithful. May He keep us going.

May God's Holy Spirit help us be good.
May we stay on the narrow path as we should.
Only God is good. I know this is true,
but I hope He'll do good things through me and you.

I truly do hope God's Spirit will bless
us with Spiritual fruit called gentleness.
May we pass this gift onto others so
God will be glorified and we all shall grow.

Once Christ has built a bridge across the rift
keeping us from God, He may send us the gift
of His Holy Spirit so that then we
may bare fruit for Him into eternity.

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV