Endless Possibility
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

Tired of the limits of each earthly thing?
Sick of the temporary joy that they all bring?
Do you all too often find yourself weeping
due to the limits on what can be happening?

Do this world's limitations have you so down?
Too little possibility making you frown?
Your thoughts are heard by one of greatest renown.
One who is everywhere, including your town.

God is infinitely powerful and clever.
Yes, he can come up with new things forever.
The list of new joys in God's Kingdom will not end, no never.
All our boredom, he can eternally sever.

There isn't a thing too hard for God to do.
The Bible says so, therefore it must be true.
Through Jesus, God can be known to you.
Once you have come home to him, you will not be blue.

As a friend, I tell you without any doubt
the potential of each earthly thing will run out.
Even if this world's potential makes you shout,
Some day, the limitations will cause you to pout.

Yet, we shall certainly not ever be bored
once we find ourselves in the Kingdom of the Lord.
All of us absolutely can not afford
to miss out on his true possibility hoard.

There are many things you can spend money on,
but before too long that potential is gone.
Though money may have you excited at dawn,
by the time dusk arrives, out of boredom you'll yawn.

Money has only limited joy to give.
Jesus has such a wonderful alternative.
Let Jesus, not money guide you as you live
and then you can be eternally positive.

Acknowledge that your sin has you enslaved.
Call upon Christ the Saviour so you may be saved.
because through his sacrifice, Jesus has paved
the way to the possibility you have craved.

Once with God and Jesus, you will never cry,
and out of boredom you will not ever sigh.
The possibilities will not ever die.
We will never get bored with God's loving tie.

Endless opportunities for you to grow.
Endless new knowledge for you to gain, learn, and know.
Endless new places your walk with God can go.
Endless possibilites from God will ever flow.

Endless new graces from the Lord for us to see.
Endless experiences for you and for me.
Oh wouldn't it be great to spend eternity
within God's truly endless possibility?

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV