Do We Truly Know Jesus?
by Stephen Sheridan Boland IV

Do we truly know Jesus Christ?
Have we truly ever touched his hands?
We say that for our sins he paid the price,
but do we obey the Lord's commands?

Do we really know Jesus the Lord?
His call, can we claim to have really heard?
His mercy is something we say we've adored,
but do we study our Savior Christ's word?

For Jesus Christ, do we truly live?
is our Christian faith truly not a trick?
We say that he has the power to forgive,
but are we ever visitting the sick?

Is Jesus really in our ways?
To his commands, do we really heed?
To him, we voice aloud thank yous and praise,
but do we give to those folks in need?

Is Jesus Christ truly known to us?
Do we truly give our Savior our trust?
We say we believe his words are all true,
but are we determined to avoid lust?

Have we really felt the Lord's touch?
How can we really truly tell?
We claim to love Jesus so very much,
but do we love our neighbors as well?

Is our faith in Jesus truly fact?
Do we truly know him the way we should?
We all say he performed many a great act,
but do we try to bear fruit that is good?

Is our faith in Christ really first-rate?
Is our faith really thick and not just slim?
We claim we believe he is so very great,
but do we let others know about him?

Is Jesus truly the one we serve?
Is Jesus where our trust is truly in?
We say he took punishment we deserve,
but are we trying hard to turn from sin?

We really want to know Jesus,
and really love him all to the core.
We say we believe he died to save us,
but we should do so very much more.

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Copyright © 2007-2010 Stephen Sheridan Boland IV